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Why To Use Polypropylene Plastic?

Posted by Admin on April, 01, 2021

Polypropylene or PP is popularly known as thermoplastic addition polymer. It is manufactured by combining propylene monomers. PP plastic yarns are used in different applications especially in the packaging industry to deliver products. It also has a havoc use in other industries too including the automotive industry where special devices are used like textiles, living hinges, etc.

An Intro:

This polymer was introduced in the year 1951 by two Philippian scientists and later a couple of German and Italian scientists joined them. Its properties made it popular in a quick time gap and various countries started producing this polymer. Within 3 years’ its commercial production started in Italy. Actually the crystalizing property of polypropylene created the maximum excitement. This polymer took 6 years only to explode with its worldwide popularity and has been started its commercial productions in Europe. Today, PP plastic yarn manufacturers in India and abroad are making the greatest plastic business in the world as polypropylene ranks the highest produced plastic in the globe.

Application areas:

It is expected that by this year, annual production of polypropylene will raise over 60 million metric tons. As stated earlier, packaging industry is the major user of PP plastics. They use nearly 1/3rd of its annual production across the world. The next major users of Polypropylene are equipment manufacturing industry (13%), electrical industry (13%), automotive industry (10%), household appliances industry (10%) and construction industry (5%). And, other industries use the rest of the produced PP plastics of the world.

Benefits of using:

  • This polymer has comparatively slippery surface which makes it an efficient alternative for Acetal (POM) to be used in different low friction uses such as gears, or in furniture to prepare the contact points.
  • It has low density in compared with other commonly used plastics. Hence, distributors and manufacturers of injection molded PP plastic parts find it as a weight saver. At room temperature, it acts as a brilliant resistant for the organic solvents such as fats. But oxidation happens at higher temperatures.
  • PP plastics can be produced using injection molding, crimping, thermoforming or CNC inside living hinges which are some thinnest pieces of plastic materials which can be bent without being broken. And, this is one of the main advantages of polypropylene. They are more useful for non load-bearing applications (lid of a ketchup bottle) than structural applications (holding up a hefty window).
  • It can easily be copolymerized with other commonly used polymers such as polyethylene. This method of copolymerization alters the properties of several materials meaningfully, which makes it efficient to be used in various robust engineering applications that is not possible with the pure form of PP.

Characteristics of PP:

PP plastic yarn suppliers in Rajkot have many clients in different industries in the need of polypropylene in different applications for its special characteristics, such as –

  • Chemical resistance
  • Toughness & elasticity
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Transmissivity

Polypropylene is referred as thermoplastic as it turns to liquid after reaching its melting point. After being cooled, it can be reheated over again without noteworthy degradation.

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